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среда, 14 сентября 2011 г.

Is Cheating inevitable in the relationship? What is it all about and how to deal with it/ prevent it ever happens? Will your partner always love and support you? Probably every person being in a serious relationship asks himself/herself that sort of questions. This is very subjective for every person, but I will gladly try to make it more transparent and clear.

First of all, what is the relationship missing, if one of the partners is looking for some extra experience in the other places except his/her own home? Here all of us should define what are the most valuable features and character sides that someone likes about you - it can be very simple from a lovely smile and friendly expression to deep-down self-motivation, inner peace and harmony. Think about it that way - if you realize this key factors your partner and other people appreciate you for( in fact, you can ask them that question too - what do they like and dislike you for? ), you can pull that trigger and just change people's opinion and attitude towards you simply by adding some qualities into your behavioral pattern. This skill takes some flexibility and presence - you need to take control over what is going on right now, evaluate it objectively and change something, if you need to. Though, the hardest part here is to keep that inner control button ON all the time - it doesn't mean you cannot relax and rest, be confident ALL the time - no - all it takes is just to get the habit like this (usually takes around 3 weeks to implement naturally the habit into your lifestyle and from there it will be as ordinary as to breathe, for instance).

Cheating in most of the cases occurs when your partner is missing something and doesn't have enough confidence or will to bring it up for the conversation and together reveal the real reason for this desire. I truly believe through the dialog a lot can be changed - simply talk about it and you will see how more inspirational and lively the relationship can become. At the same time it is crucial to realize that it is not just about physical matter that the cheating takes place - sometimes our loved ones are missing platonic affair (it could be anything - from hobbies to sexuality) and are looking for it in a different place. To be more specific and practice-oriented, not to just read and forget about it, do a quick exercise - take a piece of paper and evaluate your current relationship in all the spheres of mankind activity - absolutely essential to be honest and objective (if it not so easy to evaluate yourself, imagine there is another couple just like you are in the world, someone else, that have the same features and problems and happiness as you do). This is the key aspects you need to take into consideration:

  • Physical activity ( sport, sexuality, outdoors)
  • Health (diet, fresh air)
  • Finance 
  • Career / business
  • Arts and hobbies
  • Platonic affair ( emotions and feeling)
  • Self-motivation and development (education)

Evaluate on the scale from 0 to 10 your relationship in each of the aspects mentioned above and see what is missing - the main idea here is to balance it up, bring everything to the level of the one most developed, you will see what you need to work on most. Do this exercise from time to time and I am sure the relationship will become more stable, enjoyable and fun. In fact, you can practice that together with your sweetheart and see if the results match - this will show you how the approach of each of you differs from each other. Good Luck!


суббота, 10 сентября 2011 г.

Easy Dating – Basics

This is the first article dedicated to Relationship by Easy Flirt. If You have already found your true passion, someone You feel really comfortable and exciting with; this article will help You develop strong relationship and promote healthy and stable family. Every individual at some point of his/her life starts thinking about how to settle down, how to meet the Right person, build strong commitment over time. This is absolutely normal and every person gets to this point at a different age - sometimes it comes really early in the individual's life , sometimes - really late. This is evolutionarily designed to replicate, settle down, make things more organized and down to earth.

This is an important decision and a lot of factors should be taken into consideration before it is made. Personal and financial reliability, strong core values, inner harmony and peace are some of them. Exciting and devoted relationship needs to be nourished and supported every minute. Each partner is responsible for maintenance and development of the mutual feeling and emotions. Some people think this is up to one of the sides in relationship to preserve the peace and harmony – I would disagree, because at some point the resource and limit of that person will come to the end and there will be no other source of inspiration for the commitment to be strong enough to hold any longer. This is a both – side effort to make living together fun and enjoyable with support and understanding. Smile more often – this is so easy, just to smile and laugh in the morning, for instance, charging the day routine with positive emotions and energy. Don't be selfish – in fact, the more you release into the surrounding world ( and relationship is your closest environment) , the more you will get in return.

The most important idea is to make it Flirty and Fun - conquer your partner's heart every day, seduce him or her every night, make a special, charming and lovely commitment. Try to think about the way to discover your sexuality and sensuality every moment You spend together. Learn how to be spontaneous and adventurous. Love to live.

вторник, 6 сентября 2011 г.

As the time flows, kissing and making out tend to get less ambitions and get more sexuality involved, loosens up it's tension and becomes more of a routine action. To me there is no doubt that in order to attract and seduce someone you really like, strong and emotional first kiss is a must - it creates this "high-school" moment that will never leave anyone indifferent. So, a little down this article I will share my tips on how to create and arrange a perfect "first kiss" impression

Let me proceed to small though working practical advice and my personal technique on how to go for a kiss. First of all, don't force it - put more kinesthetic, touch the person you like more - this is really natural for both of you. Let your bodies get into the personal space little by little. Go for a small experiment to see if this is the right moment - get a little closer and let your thighs touch his/her thighs - and if the person you like feels comfortable that way , you can proceed ( if not, get some more touchy action ). Ask him/her to close the eyes - and promise you not going to be kissing. Make your noses touch for a second, put a little of your warm breath towards his/her neck , while the eyes are closed. Do everything really slow and gentle. In a minute ask him/her to close the eyes again - but this time tell that you WILL make it happen and will make out. And this very moment I love the most - when that girl (in my case =) ) closes her eyes and surrenders, ready for the kiss, all into you, looks so cute and charming at this moment - just standing and waiting for a kiss. Suspend the kiss for just a moment, make her wait for it for an instant longer - and she will reward you with a sweet - sweet and memorable kiss. A great advantage of that technique is that, first of all, having the eyes closed escalates the other senses tremendously - especially tactile. Second of all, you can see if the individual is ready for the kiss or not - you tell him/her in advance that the kiss will happen in a moment. Try it and see perfect it works for you. Good Luck!

This is one of the most exciting topics for me - the first kiss, how to go for it, what it takes and how to behave for everything to go smooth, stylish and sexy. Every one of us, probably, remembers the first kiss they ever had in their lives - it was very tense, very emotional and long-lasting effect leaves a lot of memories. As the time flows, kissing and making out tend to get less ambitions and get more sexuality involved, loosens up it's tension and becomes more of a routine action. To me there is no doubt that in order to attract and seduce someone you really like, strong and emotional first kiss is a must - it creates this "high-school" moment that will never leave anyone indifferent. So, a little down this article I will share my tips on how to create and arrange a perfect "first kiss" impression. 

First of all, an average person has 28 first kisses in his/her life, according to the scientific research date. This is an average - and to me doesn't seem like it is a big number. We need to nourish and appreciate this moment in our lives - the first kiss with a person, is pretty much the first intimate ( and to someone, believe it or not, kissing is more intimate than having sex, for instance) moment in the possible future relationship. So, how to make those average 28 kisses become remarkable life-long memories? 

Have a plan, think about it in advance - what is the perfect way you want to do that? How long should it last? Should it be gentle and soft or more of tense and passionate? Where should it take place? Answer the questions like this and it will make a big difference - if it is perfect to you and you enjoy it a lot, the other person will enjoy it as well. Make it different - don't just make out right after the date is over, next to your front door, hesitating for a while - think about special place - stop by the ocean beach on the  way back home and let it happen under the dark blue clear sky with stars shining vivid, or on the bridge with a beautiful view point over the night city life with it's light and non-stop movement - in fact, it can be really simple and doesn't have to be a yacht with personal chorus and orchestra playing music for you two - sharing iPod on the bench of a quiet river will de pretty well. Just value and love these moments.


пятница, 2 сентября 2011 г.

No doubt every one in this world ever got himself/herself into a situation when you know someone for a long time, become good friends, share secrets and watch movies together, call each other couple times a day and text non-stop. Though there is always a feeling that this could be something more and could grow into a long-term, stable and reliable relationship. Or just be more sexually active and exciting. I have been in that situations myself - purposefully and just by accident and would like to share some tips and hints on how to promote friendship to Flirt and Dating.

First of all, you need to realize the reasons why you are just friends and nothing more than that. In most of the cases, this is an excess of comfort. There are 3 basic factors that mostly influence the relationship (the type of relationship) between 2 people. They are:

- Comfort. Excess of comfort can lead two people to become friends and just want to hang out with each other, share experience and talk about simply everything. You don't need to worry on how you look right now, how you feel, what is the impression that you produce , because you are in a comfort zone and friendship accepts it all.

- Emotions. When there is an excess of emotions, the relationship between people turns into something platonic and detached. They enjoy each other's spirituality, adore behavior and admire quality time spent on talking about something high and eternal.

- Sexuality. This feature is the strongest and produces an instant sparkle between people. Lust, seduction, flirt are all based on that type of energy flow. This feeling is probably the oldest as well - far beyond the civilizations formed and language invented. This is very prime and profound base people exchange.

Realizing that structure you can very effectively evaluate the relationship formed between you and the person you like. Whether this is friendship, spiritual entity or sexual attraction. In order to change the current relationship status you need to trigger these factors, move emphasis from one to another. For instance, if you are good friends with someone and would like to make it more than friendship, take it to a new level, bring more sexuality, promote flirt and seduction. Be touchier, do something more exciting, share more intimate secrets and values. Open up your primitive nature, release that ancient energy flow and you will see where it will lead you both. Good Luck!


четверг, 1 сентября 2011 г.

LMR relates to Last Minute Resistance

Can be described as a state of mind the woman gets into after entering the seduction phase and place and right before the physical activity with a man.For example, a woman might come home with a guy she met at the club, and may even make out with him, but resist when it comes to taking off her panties or bra.  They can even both be naked in his bed, but she might still say that she doesn't want to have sex. A number of reasons exist to explain this behavior. First of all, women are much more sensitive and vulnerable than men, and sexual activity can be associated with more responsibility (pregnancy and giving a birth, taking into consideration absence of the contraceptives during the evolution process). Second of all, woman is located in a new place for her at this moment (in most of the cases, this is not her house, apartment, etc.) And third of all, the arousal is usually escalated much faster than in common relationship, and may cause feeling of discomfort. The main method to take woman out of this state is to define the reason of LMR and try to erase it. Seduction process works best with pre-establishing the fact that physical contact may not be achieved and acceptance of that fact by the man.

Whatever the cause of LMR, handling it often starts early in the interaction, using time-bridging, comfort building, and slowing down the interaction to assure the woman that the PUA is interested in more than just sex, and that they will stick around after the physical act. Other ways of dealing with LMR include using freeze-outs and making a woman feel comfortable and assuring her that her reputation will not be affected.

Just as a man feels anxiety before approaching a woman, a woman feels a similar anxiety before she agrees to sex.  Most women want to describe the sexual encounter as "one thing led to another" or "it just happened."  For this reason, asking a women directly to have sex will often lead to LMR. It is also important to avoid state breaks when in the final phases of seduction, and transition smoothly to sex so as not to give her an opportunity to interrupt.


среда, 31 августа 2011 г.

Easy Flirt - Successful approach ( advanced )

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when you see someone at the subway station or in the cafe or simply in the street, that seemed to be a very attractive individual( at least to your personal opinion)? I am sure this happens to everyone and the worst thing to do in this case is to find yourself an excuse not to approach and then to realize the chance was ignored and regret it for a long time. So how to meet everyone you like, how to find courage to talk to a beautiful stranger - no matter what , he or she might be talking over the phone, busy or even with a bodyguard. I would like to share my personal experience and tips

The most advanced technique is to make that person approach You. It is more level-up method, though try it sometimes and see if you are ready for it or need some more practice. It doesn't always work , though IF it is applied, the attraction built and the success of that method is much more long-lasting and profound. This approach works better in the social gathering places - where no one is in a rush, everyone is having a good time, relaxed and laid-back. The key to success of that method is to build as much attraction to yourself as it is possible. Flirt with people around you, smile and talk, move around, meet new people, build social proof, and in some time you will see - people will start to approach you. When that happens, try to find that person in the crowd that you like - he or she probably already noticed you as well. Build some eye-contact, though always leave a trace of indifference. Try to keep that connection a little longer that is socially approved and when it happens - make a move. Let that person know, that he or she can approach. It is usually a little shocking for that individual, because you are probably the first one to act like this, and it works perfectly well. You already have some value for him/her, you are confident enough to behave like this and other people like you. Don't hesitate, Everything or nithing, challenge yourself and Good Luck!